Seattle Drain Cleaning Companies

These Seattle area contractors snake and rooter drains to get them clean, and the water flowing freely again. According to the State of Washington : "A contractor in this specialty can perform camera examination, cleaning or snaking of building drainage and vent pipes and/or sewer pipe. Nothing in this specialty is intended to waive any plumbing certification requirements of chapter 18.106 RCW or any local enforcement agency code provisions or allow for the removal, installation or replacement of any damaged plumbing parts or fixtures."

A Tom's Sewer And Drain Cleaning
Phone: (206) 690-5135
Seattle Washington 98138

Charles B Link
Phone: 206) 778-2228
Seattle Washington 98117

Drain Tech
Phone: (206) 364-3367
Seattle Washington 98133

Jerry's Sewer And Drain
Phone: (206) 763-0982
Seattle Washington 981081843

Seattle Drain And Plumbing
Phone: (206) 632-8069
Seattle Washington 98103

West Seattle Sewer And Drain Inc
Phone: (206) 243-6665
Seattle Washington 981461716